SeepC Cruises

Research Cruise 


  1. ​A scientific expedition aboard a Research Vessel on a body of water

    "​My research cruise was on the R/V Atlantis in the Gulf of Mexico"           synonyms: field work, taking a trip on Boaty Mcboatface                             antonyms: pleasure cruise, snooze-cruise 

Science Party


  1. ​A group of scientific researchers participating in field work

    "​This science party is the best! We are getting so much work done"           synonyms: collaborators, working colleagues, sci-friends                              antonyms: competitors, revelers, party-goers

Research cruises are a critical part of studying the largest habitat on Earth--the ocean! Research vessels can be found on other of bodies of water including lakes, rivers and estuaries.  Below I have photos from the NSF funded SeepConnectivity (SeepC) cruises. 

SeepConnectivity Project

The NSF funded SeepConnectivity project aimed to study connectivity between deep-sea cold seeps. What is connectivity? It's a measure of how frequently individuals move between (or connect) different populations. For example connectivity between populations of deep-sea clams is determined by how often larvae successfully move between two sites. This project used the expertise from oceanographers, larval biologists, ecologists and geneticists to study connectivity. 

Photos have been graciously provided by science party members including Bernard Ball, Doreen McVeigh, Jamie Wagner and Joseph Zambon

East Coast ~ 2015


Gulf of Mexico ~ 2014


Photos courtesy of Jamie Wager, Doreen McVeigh, Bernard Ball and Joseph Zambon

Barbados ~ 2012


Barbados ~ 2011


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