SeepC Cruises

Research Cruise 


  1. ​A scientific expedition aboard a Research Vessel on a body of water

    "​My research cruise was on the R/V Atlantis in the Gulf of Mexico"          synonyms: field work, taking a trip on Boaty Mcboatface                            antonyms: pleasure cruise, snooze-cruise 

Science Party


  1. ​A group of scientific researchers participating in field work

    "​This science party is the best! We are getting so much work done"          synonyms: collaborators, working colleagues, sci-friends             antonyms: competitors, revelers, party-goers

East Coast ~ 2015

Gulf of Mexico ~ 2014

Photos courtesy of Jamie Wager, Doreen McVeigh, Bernard Ball and Joseph Zambon

Barbados ~ 2012

Barbados ~ 2011